How Do You Define Success In Your Life And Your Business?

how do you define life success?How do you define success? I thought this was a great question, so I thought I would write my thoughts here. The fact that the question is a little more than that is really here nor there to me, because success for me is all around us.

Yes, even with the troubles we are all facing at this crazy time, I still see success all around us.

Success Is More Than Just A Word.

Success to me comes in more than just the word “success”, so to define it in my life I would say that I successfully brought up 3 boys, 2 of whom now have families and are successful in the their own way. Life is so full of successes when you look at it.

Even in failure, I see success. I know, you will be asking how? Easy really – when you fail at something you have successfully found out what doesn’t work, or that you have made a mistake. There is no point in my mind to dwell on the failure part of it. I look at the problem and search for a solution. If I have done something wrong, then that is the reason 99% of the time that the failure occurred.

How To Define Success For Your Own Situation.

If you look at things in much the same way as I do, you will see things in a different way. Think about what you did this week and, instead of thinking about how much better you could have done, look at what you DID do. I’ll bet there is some success in that don’t you think?

If you think that the week was a total failure, then find out from that what you did to make it a failure. Ask yourself some questions and find the answers. Then, when you see what the problem was, the failure is not so bad because you CAN fix it!

Success and failure are really a state of mind and losing focus on the end goal is the real problem you will face. The focus is mostly lost when you dwell on the failure. Every situation that is not final of course (like a death for example), can be turned around, there is no question in my mind that this is the case. Everyday issues have solutions. When you view them in such a way that you will find the solution, then success will be your focus.

Defining Success In Business

In fact, if you look at everything I said above, there is no difference to success in life or business. Both life and business takes work to be a success. Also, it takes work to fail, which, like I said earlier is a big part of the success process. As long as you stay focused, you can endure the failure and see the success. Remember there is always a way out.

It would be interesting to hear how you define success in life and business, so please comment below.

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The Importance Of A Marketing Plan and Sticking To It!

stick to your marketing planI watched a video the other day while refreshing myself on some things. The video spoke about having a marketing plan and sticking to it. This is so important because when something works and the plan is set out to help you succeed using it, why try to change it?

Why Change a Successful Marketing Plan?

We are all human right? What does human instinct tell us? To do things our own way right?

There is no harm in changing something a little is there?

Well, if that something one does to change the plan means it doesn’t work, then of course there is a real harm in changing it! This is why our mentors spend painstaking hours, days, months and even years developing a plan that works! They can save us all a stack of time and effort in stress and struggle IF we stick with the plan. There is no harm in adding something to the plan that compliments it and helps it to work, but to change it is like committing business suicide!

The Dangers of Changing or Not Having a Proven Marketing Plan

In any business, you require some goals to try to achieve. Also, you need to write the plan down to show your plan is viable. You can do financial forecasts based on your research and potential. This is essential if you need to get financial assistance to start your business.

But what if you don’t want to have a traditional type of business? What if you want to run your business from home and be an online affiliate?

If this is the case, then the importance of a plan and consistent action based on that plan is more than essential, it’s mandatory!

Working on Your Affiliate Marketing Plan.

Before you can set up any plan, it’s a good idea to get educated in your new venture. You need to know what is needed. By far the best way is to get yourself partnered with someone who has experience in online affiliate marketing and knows how to set up a plan for success. In other words, you need a mentor!

There are daily tasks you need to do to achieve your goals. You may want to try some paid ads. You may not have a budget to do paid marketing, so you want to try the “free” route, which isn’t truly free because it takes up your time. There was something that was discussed in an interview I saw where the person who said he had not stuck to the plan had achieved success recently.

He said it was because he was now sticking to the plan set out, but was using free resources to get people to the offer. He said that free is the same procedure as paid, but it takes longer to reach a similar result.

proven online marketingThe most important thing in this or many other situations where people are successful is that we all stick to the plan that is proven to work! Take the advice of your mentor because they are successful for a reason. There are too many things to throw us off course, like buying ridiculous amounts of “real” traffic for a small amount of money.

You will find these claims all over the place and they may be good for boosting website traffic, but that is only if it is trackable by the search engines as real, but as far as getting traffic to your offers, they are useless and just a way for the vendor to earn.

Things that seem a little ridiculous really ARE ridiculous. It’s not that the plan you have been given doesn’t work, it’s that the traffic is not real people or targeted people that will respond to your offer.

Create a long term proven marketing plan and stick to it. Stay consistent in your efforts and you will see success.

My friend and mentor, Dean Holland has written a book to help affiliate marketers. It highlights how affiliate marketing has changed and why what you may be doing isn’t working now. If this is the case for you, this book called the Iceberg Effect is free, but you pay for shipping. This book will help you in your efforts and also help you to develop your own marketing plan. Find out more here.

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Social Media Presence: Using Your Social Network Channels to Provide Value to Your Customers

The best social media presence will help a business to serve its customers betterThe majority of sectors are so cut-throat competitive nowadays that having a social media presence has practically come to be absolutely vital, and this will certainly help the business to survive a lot longer than those businesses who ignore Social Media. Even most firms that have an existing company profile are not taking advantage of the power of social media networks. In this article, there is quite a lot to digest: conversions through social networks are on average 13% higher than leads from conventional outbound methods, such as cold calls, television commercials and also flyer handouts. Nevertheless, companies will not see anywhere near that rate of success if they only use their channel to send out a quickie pointer here and there. To make your social media presence work for you, it’s very important to offer consistent value to your fans as opposed to blasting them with limitless advertising material.

Use Your Social Media Presence to Give Value to Your Followers

By Value, this means using insightful web content free of advertising ballyhoo. Many customers are bombarded by so much forced online and offline advertising that they can smell a double glazing sales person from a mile away. Do not allow your social media presence end up being a canvas full of unadulterated sales pitch after sales pitch. Value refers to useful material related to your particular niche and also might consist of the following:

• A link to a relevant and related blog post or video (it’s best to make the material informative and not promotional)

• A link to a related YouTube video providing useful information about a product or service

• A quick, useful fact or word of advice. Always good to leave your potential customer feeling they have learned something, which in turn leads to more trust.

• A post answering a commonly asked question

Let’s say you own a health supplement e-store, the following are some great examples of posts that you can include:

• Check out our latest blog post. You will find out a few great tips on how to maintain healthy eating habits when you’re on the move, traveling and dining at a typical “greasy spoon”.

• We have a useful video showing you how to properly execute bodyweight squats without over extending your knees. Check it out now.

• Be sure to stay hydrated, even in winter. Dehydration can occur just as much when it’s cold as well as when it’s sweltering in summer. Remember, a hydrated body is a happy body.

• We have been asked by many what the best ingredients are for a post-workout shake. Our advice to to be sure the ingredients provide enough protein, carbs and fat for your bodyweight and contain enough B-vitamins in order to replace lost electrolytes.

Social Media Presence – Incorporating a Promotional Post

One of the most important things for developing your business social media presence in the first place is to increase brand awareness too. It’s good to promote your products or services when it’s appropriate to do so. This would be when there is some noteworthy news, like the launch of a new product, a website update featuring a new product or service or special offers and discounts. It’s not the best idea to keep on about how good this or that product or service is and how it’s the best thing on the market. Find out what your customers’ pain point is and explain how your product can help them. They will already have their own opinion of certain products and won’t want to hear your ravings about how great your product is. Concentrate on being informative in your content and providing value to build trust in you and your products. Promotional posts should be more of an afterthought and used less often than the informative, helpful posts that can drive great interaction from your potential clients.

Social networks are one of the best ways to drive communication and engagment with your customers. You will only realise the full potential when you consistently provide value rather than being in “hard sale mode” all the time. Your social media presence is vital for your business, so treat it that way. Good luck.

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Top 6 Advantages of Social Media Marketing

social media marketing - the advantages for businessThose who are skeptical may want to see what the advantages of social media marketing are. In this post I will discuss 6 top advantages of using social media to grow their business.

Over the past 5 years or so, social media marketing has started to be more and more important for any business. With several billion people using social media (2 billion registered on Facebook alone!), it’s obvious that companies will try to build up a loyal following. That’s what really makes a difference and why this marketing strategy is one that you need to focus on right now, if you’re not already.

Here Are The Main Advantages of Social Media Marketing

  1. More exposure for your brand

    The top feature of the advantages of social media marketing is you will get more exposure for your brand. The better your following, the better the exposure. With so many people using social media daily means the potential of growing your brand exposure is very high. If you take your time and learn the skills to get a good following, you will start to see the advantages and hopefully be impressed by how effective marketing using social media can be.

  2. You get more traffic

    Traffic is crucial to any online business wanting to sell product and generate a loyal following. It’s important to engage with your customers and encourage them to visit your website. Many will do this and you need these followers to get the best possible experience and results from your efforts.

  3. You gain marketplace insights

    Getting hold of good marketplace insights can be expensive, with many companies being focused on just that. If you make use of good social media marketing services, you will never have to worry about that because social media platforms offer insights in their service. That’s what is very helpful and the results you can potentially achieve will be impressive.

  4. Affordable

    Many social media services are affordable. Advertising can be very effective and cheap if you learn to do these things properly. Retargetting is something that helps to reach out to people who have already visited your offer and these ads can work out even cheaper. The most important thing is to learn how to use these services. There are many courses for social media ads, so be sure to check some out.

  5. Increase brand loyalty

    With effective marketing and engagement with your customers, you can certainly increase brand loyalty. Take advantage of some ads to boost your following and then create posts that are engaging to keep those followers coming back to your page. There is no point in growing a following and then ignoring them. In any social media marketing, the advantages come from good engagement.

  6. Customers are happy

    Your customers want to feel that you deliver them a good service and are contactable. They want to feel appreciated and engagement is a big part of helping them to feel that way. Your compelling content will encourage customer interaction and it will lift your experience to new heights quickly. Social Media Marketing is one of the best investments you can make for your business.

Whether you have a conventional type of business, like a local business, or work your business as an affiliate or product creator, social media is one of the best places to grow a following as long as you do things effectively. These are just a few of the advantages of social media marketing. Be sure to learn the skills and you will certainly see a difference in your business. On the subject of affiliate marketing, there is a great free book you can get for just the cost of shipping. I found it very useful and you can check it out here.

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Business Ideas You Can Work From Home

work from home business ideas

Many people like to earn some extra cash, but where do you start and what will you do? In this post I will share 5 business ideas you can start at home. If you want to make a little money “on the side”, or maybe even create a full time business that you can run from home, you can perhaps choose one of these ideas. It may inspire you to find an alternative, so read on…

Business Ideas For The Home Business Owner

So, what are the business ideas to help you make money from home?

Online coaching.

work at home business idea - coachingI can already hear you asking, what can I coach people on? That is really up to you. The best way is to use your own knowledge. What is your area of expertise? What niche do you work in? Only you can answer that question.

The way forward is to research and find out if there is a market for what you can coach people in. If there is, then you can find places to hang out online and help them with their problems. You can start to offer a coaching service to help those people who want to develop their skills to the level you’re at.

Digital marketing.

digital marketing business idea to work at homeA digital marketer is responsible for managing and promoting a company or a product online. If you have learned some online marketing skills, you could approach companies and offer to help them with an internet marketing service.

Digital marketing includes associated things like web design, blogging, social media and affiliate marketing. With such a choice, it’s important for you to know which of the various options you want to specialise in.

How to get started? Let’s say you want to specialise in Social Media…

It may be that the company needs a Facebook page and because know how to set one up, you can help them with social media marketing. You can do this using a laptop, a desktop PC or just a smartphone. This makes it flexible and you can do this kind of work at home or anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection.

Don’t forget to get yourself educated and stay updated with everything you do so you don’t get left behind with what currently works. If you want to go into affiliate marketing for example, it’s important to get educated in what works and finding the right products. To help set you up I have access to a free book you can get written by a good friend of mine. You do pay the shipping, but the information is invaluable. Check it out here.

Image consultant.

work from home as an image consultantImage is very important in many businesses these days. Image is usually connected with fashion and beauty but can also be appropriate for public figures. So, if you have some knowledge in this field, and you can help those people to improve their image and personal brand, this could be the business for you.

What is an image consultant? An image consultant with help a person to have more confidence in themselves. They guide the person in their appearance and ways to keep their public persona to the best it can be. You can work with an individual or for a company. It’s up to you.

You can search for online courses about image consulting and get more guidance. Many image consultants specialise in areas like clothing, social etiquette and public speaking. It all depends where you “fit”. Do you love helping people with public speaking or clothing / fashion style?

How do you start an image consultant job? Well, as with any other business, you have to identify your area of expertise. I have discussed some of these, so decide what you want to specialise in and go for it!

There are many things you can adapt to these business ideas you can work from home. There is a seemingly never-ending list of things that can be adapted to internet marketing and have a nice home based business. I hope you found this useful and feel more confident. Don’t forget to check out the free book here.

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How To Do Social Media Marketing So Influencers Notice You

influencers in social media marketingWhen doing any social media marketing, one of the best ways to be successful is by targeting influencers. When an influencer notices you and likes your work, they can do wonders for your business. They can help your business growth and the more they like your work, the faster your business grows. Have you noticed how quickly some businesses have content that “goes viral” and get hundreds of likes and followers almost instantly? This is the benefit of being noticed and recommended by influencers.

Business coaches regularly talk about influencer marketing as part of a social media marketing strategy. This will involve trying to engage with social media marketing influencers organically. One recommendation is all you need start with and the rest will follow if your content is worth it and what you are selling is something people connect with.

To Attract Social Media Marketing Influencers You Need To Stand Out

Because so many marketers vying for the influencers’ attention, it makes it even harder to do it. Most influencers probably get hundreds of mails, messages, voicemails with thousands of people sharing their content. It must seem almost impossible to get through. However, here are few ways to get social media marketing influencers to notice you:

  1. Be Strategic: The first step to get the right influencers to notice you is by researching the best ones for your market. It would undoubtedly be of great advantage to you someone like Neil Patel and/or Jeff Bullas could be attracted in. Although it’s not impossible, we need to be realistic here. These guys are the “big guns” and reaching out to them would be very difficult in most circumstances, unless of course you have unbeatable material that they couldn’t ignore. Remember that they also had to start somewhere, and with the knowledge that small steps can lead to great things, why don’t you try targeting smaller influencers? They are less competitive it’s easier to get their attention. Another benefit is there are more of them and you can reach out to the right influencer that fits you and your brand. The only drawback, if there is one, is that a famous influencer can get you in front of 500,000 people, a less famous influencer can only a 10th of that. But if a smaller influencer can still deliver results, where the work involved to be noticed by the more famous will take you 100 times more of your valuable time with no results while you do that, there is a benefit to taking the easier option isn’t there?
  2. Use the Right Mindset: Approaching small influencers will get you noticed but there are a few things that you should keep in mind. That is, how to talk to an influencer. It’s important to talk to influencers the right way. This means you need to think of them in the right way. Inshort, try to befriend them and not approach them with any kind of sales pitch – they are human beings too.
  3. Find Them: You will find lots of influencers if know your niche well. There are also many tools to help you find potential influencers.
  4. Make a Short List: Before you start, make a list of 20 or so relevant influencers you want to reach out to. Having a shortlist helps you focus on which influencers can help you. It also gives you time to build relationships with the people who matter.
  5. Make Your Move: Ok, so you have finished the steps above and now you need to make your move. The relationship building is the next part, so here’s what you do:
  • Find and follow them on every social media platform
  • Get onto their email list and subscribe to their RSS feed
  • Share their content in your social media accounts
  • Leave comments on their blog. The sooner you can do this after content is published, the betterleverage social media influencers in your marketing
  • Reply and comment on their posts as well as sharing them on social media
  • Mention their posts and work in other blog comments you leave and in your own content
  • Figure out which is their preferred communication method. Some prefer email, while some accept direct messages on social media
  • If you feel you know them well enough, spend some time setting up your outreach email
  • If you’re asking them to share some of your content, only pitch them something they are interested in, and
  • If your content is generally good and of value and is congruent with that of the influencer, offer to guest post on their blogs.

I hope these tips will help you grow your following by making use of the social media marketing influencers out there. Be sure to stay positive and create great content as you do. Have a lovely day and thank you for reading. Comments are welcome, so please leave your thoughts.

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Here’s The Skinny on Internet Marketing

A great way for any business to sell their products and services is internet marketing. Internet marketing puts the power of the internet to use for your business by using simple methods to instantly spread information about your products and services throughout the world. If you want to use internet marketing successfully, then read this article.

Rather than using only text, add some pictures, videos or diagrams to your site. Use content that is related to your business. You can demonstrate how to use the product or show pictures of the inside of the product if it is an electronic item. Find material that will appeal to the readers.

Using a double opt-in method for your email marketing lists ensures that you are reaching those customers who are truly interested in your produt. While a double opt-in procedure seems like a barrier to creating a marketing list, it does mean that everyone on your list was willing to follow at least one link back to your site.

Here is an important tip to better connect with your customers. Use newsletters and emails to constantly stay in touch with any customers you have gained for your site. Newsletters are perfect, as they update your customers on any new details that may affect your site or any new products or services that may be offered.

For best marketing results when putting your site on the internet, never do any site-wide links. These links are extremely counter-productive, repetitive, and will actually lead to a lower rank for your web space.

Your website should be built to receive feedback. Learning why potential customers decided to turn around and walk away on a sale, can help you identify the weaknesses in your pitch and improve your ad copy in the future. A web form or an email, can remind the potential customers that they can let you know where you went wrong.

Site-wide links should not be used. In the latest internet marketing algorithm changes they have become highly depreciated, and may even lead to penalization. There should only be one site-wide link for every forty to fifty unique links. It is better to be safe then sorry with your links.

If you are going to place pictures on your site make sure that they are not too large. If users have to wait an exceptionally long amount of time to see what is on your site because pictures are loading slowly then they are likely to leave and not return to the site in the future.

An important part of internet marketing is web presence and visibility. It’s not enough anymore to have a well-designed, keyword-rich website. You also need a social media presence, a good blog, and active forum memberships. People should think of your name and your business when they think of the products that you sell. The more actively you promote your business, the better you’ll be remembered.

In conclusion, internet marketing is a great way for businesses to sell products and services. It uses the internet to tell the world about you and information to sell your goods. By using the helpful tips in this article, you can use internet marketing to make your business more successful.

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